ARMS developers hard at work on next major ARMS Update

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A minor ARMS Update was released this week, with balance changes to Fighters and ARMS. Along with Twintelle and Ribbon Girl artwork comes news that the ARMS Team are hard at work on the next major ARMS Update.

Twintelle Ribbon Girl Artwork

Wednesday saw the release of a minor update to ARMS, which was primarily focused on Fighter and ARMS balancing. There have been major hints at a new update to follow, likely featuring a new ARMS Fighter and ARMS types.

Today is a Public Holiday in Japan, so this Tweet is relatively light on information. But it should fill fans with hope as we wait patiently for more news on this new Fighter.

Where have you been spending your Summer?
The beach, the mountains, a relatives house, Inkopolis Square…
Or perhaps you’re on an adventure to save the world?
Everyone – don’t forget about the ARMS Association!
The ARMS Association have been hard at work on a major update! For that reason, here’s a Summer Greeting card!
This is such a beautiful looking fight…
Make it your wallpaper or icon, worship it, or just feel free to like it!

Did you notice the slight references to Splatoon 2 (ハイカラ is the Japanese name for Inkopolis Square) and Zelda?