New clip of latest ARMS Sweet Fighter revealed with unique ARMS

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There’s a new ARMS Fighter approaching – an ARMS Sweet Fighter. The latest clip from the ARMS team shows them off in action, complete with new unique ARMS.

ARMS Sweet Fighter Tease

Following on from this Monday’s new stage tease comes a short clip of the new ARMS Fighter in action. There’s a little bit to gather here, including what looks like some new ARMS (confirmed by the translation). The new Fighter has a crab walk similar to DNA Man, which is quite peculiar. Unfortunately, the lack of colour makes it difficult to visualise what’s happening here – hopefully something clearer is released soon.

Here comes some footage of that recently rumoured Fighter!
Coincidentally, in the Summer Holidays!!
They seem to be equipped with a unique ARM…
I don’t understand all the details, but, this kind of strange body type seems to lend to their fighting style.
Eh – after that, the camera was destroyed – hah!
A written apology should be in order…right…!

With the latest ARMS update only arriving a week ago, when can fans expect to get this new Fighter in their system? Personally, odds are on that this new Fighter will arrive with Ver. 3 – but only time can tell.