Cheep Cheep and Bouquet Piranha Plants take over Super Mario Odyssey

Capture Cheep Cheep and swim with no limits in Super Mario Odyssey. Plus, a freaky looking Flower Bouquet Piranha Plant eerily enters the enemy spotlight.

Capture Cheep Cheep

Yesterday, a high resolution render of the Cheep Cheep enemy was released via Twitter, along with a description of what happens when you Capture Cheep Cheep.

This is Capture Cheep Cheep. He can freely move around through water.
Unlike Mario, there’s no need to worry about catching your breath.
Feel like a fish, and leisurely search through the water!

Today, it’s a GIF of this freaky looking Flower Bouquet Piranha Plant. It’ll target and attack Mario if he is too close, but when Princess Peach is around? Well, it just kidnaps her. The Japanese name for Piranha Plants is パックンフワラ – Pakun Flower.

This is 「Flower Bouquet Piranha」 who has taken Princess Peach, and kidnapped her for Bowser.
Cultivated in the Forest Kingdom, it’s decorated with a Flower Bouquet and a pink ribbon.
This Piranha Plant will attack Mario when he gets close, however, it seems to have embraced Princess Peach…