New ARMS Sweet Fighter teased in new ARMS Stage reveal

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Recent ARMS leaks suggests that a new ARMS Fighter with a Sweet theme was approaching. Today’s tease from the ARMS Twitter lends heavily, with Biff in a completely new area – a new ARMS stage?

ARMS Sweet Stage

Data-mining recently leaked a large amount of ARMS information, specifically the code-names for potential new characters. Of these, including Plant, Chain and Scroll, was a character named Sweet. Shortly after, the ARMS Twitter indicated to look forward to a new major update – on more than one occasion.

Not much more aside from this is known, but today’s latest ARMS Tweet lends heavily to the notion that a new ARMS Fighter is approaching, with a Sweet theme.

I’m fully enjoying this totally c’est si bon holiday (apparently this is French for “so good”).
This sweet, aromatic smell is floating by, and the atmosphere…
Ah, right now I am truly living…

Ah, right – around here, apparently there’s quite a braggy, up themselves Fighter.
On this holiday, I’m gonna do some research!
I should get a special bonus for this!

So there you have it – the first explicit, official hints of the newest ARMS Fighter. Not only that – there’s also a weird shot of Biff sitting down and with legs. Creepy?

No doubt we can surely expect more to flow through during the week. Stay tuned!