New weapon Squiffer Alpha joins the Splatoon 2 arsenal this weekend

The Squiffer returns to Splatoon 2 as DLC in a new variant named Squiffer Alpha. Players can expect a simultaneous worldwide update tomorrow.

Splatoon 2 Squiffer Alpha

Long time Splatoon players will be familiar with the Squiffer, a Charger type weapon that boasts high strength with shorter range. This new variant – named Squiffer Alpha – has the ability to one-hit enemies with ease. The Classic Squiffer and New Squiffer (from the original Splatoon) hit harder than the Splat Charger, but with less range.

Tomorrow (8/19) at 11:00AM. the new Weapon [Squiffer Alpha] will be added.
While it’s range is short, it charges quickly, making it a high-mobility Charger.
If you have a Full Charge, it has the strength to one hit enemies with ease.
The Sub Weapon is [Point Sensor] and the Special Weapon is [Ink Armour].

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